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Monday, February 27, 2012

Welcome to my little portal---Rachel Reed

Hello to all my readers and visitors. I have to say I am much more proficient at writing a book on fat loss than I am at writing this post for my blog. Please be patient with me as I am not a professional blogger. I do want to stay in touch with all my book readers and future book readers. I find that the blogging platform will work quite well for that.

Let me just tell you a little about me. I
have a BS degree in Biological Sciences and Nutrition. I have always dabbled in health, vitamins, nutrition and fat loss. I just recently decided to combine my knowledge of food and nutrition with my passion of helping others.

The weight loss industry has gotten completely out of hand with pill pushing, crazy fad diets, and ridiculous exercise routines. Everyone has forgotten about you and I as real people , with real lives and now we have become just a big fat dollar sign!

I see so many people bouncing from one weight loss plan to another. Often times spending large amounts of money on plans and prepacked foods. Only to lose a little fat for a little while, than plunging into despair when they can't maintain any consistent fat loss.

I decided to change that by writing my book Fat Loss For Life

I wrote the book to give a real easy, real life way for all of us to lose fat and achieve permanent weight loss!

Here is a little description of the book.

Fat loss and a flat belly for life, are they really achievable? Are you ever going to get off of the diet merry go round?

In Rachel Reed’s new book, Fat Loss For Life you will never need to diet again! You can have a flat belly for life.

Rachel shows you the way and gives you the tools to finally lose fat and keep it off permanently.

A few of the tips she reveals:

§ The one substance that is sabotaging your health and preventing you from losing fat.

§ A little known but amazingly effective technique for easy fat loss.

§ Eat this one simple and delicious food to maintain your weight loss.

§ The four techniques the diet gurus won’t tell you that will burn fat fast.

§ Scientifically proven – the only one exercise you need to lose fat…and anyone can do it easily!

§ Eat this instead of meat, fish, or eggs and get just as much protein…no it’s not soy.

§ Adding only a tablespoon of this to your diet is proven to reduce fat in the belly area by 5%.

§ Why dieting fails 95% of the time and you don’t need dieting to lose weight.

§ Eat this amazing food and sleep like a baby…the Romans did!

§ 10 power foods that will have you losing fat by actually eating more.

§ Are you making this one mistake that literally forces your body to store fat?

Put simply, buy this book if you have finally decided to quit the yo-yo diets, lose fat and keep it off permanently.

Fat Loss For Life is easily followed by anyone. There is no strict dieting, or heart blowing cardio exercising!

You will be amazed at how easy fat loss really is.

Bonus Section: As part of the book there is a bonus section that gives you links to some valuable tools and information that you can download and use right away.

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Rachel Reed